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Monday, August 30, 2010

fatinZoey is here.
just wanna tell you that im using TUMBLR now.
this blog is gonna be dead. [if shai din post anything]
so here is my URL
do ask/say anything u want on my ASK BOX.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

da lame shai tk post yer..haha.. rindu kan..?
kae.. smlm.. i, syura n budak2 msjd sambot bdae raihan, ashraf n fareeza... tp fareeza tk dpt dtg...
gerek.. mkn ice cream cake.. beyh campak2 tepong... i'm nt the bdae girl oso kena tepong.. klw cket tkpe jgak uh.. tpi ni.. smpi bole uat cake.. haha..

last monday, i didn't go to school.. then i surf then net for awhile.. check2 fb.. den b4 i offline, i add this one person.. then i logout.. aftri logged out.. i was like.. "eh,, apsal aku add die uh?" .. coz.. i added him twice or thrice b4.. beberape bulan yg lalu.. n the person ignored me.. then last friday, at alkaff, i check my fb using ila's hp.. then aleh2 i..... "aaahhh!!"(not so loud la) .. then i pukol2 ila n said.. "die accept ana.. die accept ana.." with my banana-smile.. haha.. the person accepted me!! hahaha.. then the nxt day.. i add the person on my msn then tk smpi 15mins the person da accept.. hahahah! hepi gle oii... hahahaha...

b4 kejadian tu.. my dad n i ad dga radio.. die ade kate.. tkde bende yg terjadi dgn tk sengaje.. sumenye tlh dietentukan... smting lyke dat uh.. then dad said "nth is coincidence.. sumenye tlh diatur oleh Allah" .. i was thinking about posting it at fb.. b4 i post it then this kejadian terjadi.. hahah.. =D hepi kan..

k lah.. cnnt write longer.. gotta go.. will post again.. in 3-5 moths time maybe.. lol! =DD


Wednesday, March 24, 2010

HEY-LOW peeps!
what a coooolllyy weather today?!
feels like lazy wanna take bath..but i think later.after i update my bloggey.
ANYWAY,just now..we all..i think one whole class of mine saw them.
we met ALYPHSLEEQ and AZZAH infront of our school!lykeOMGfareyx!!
it was hilarious&comical!!all of us were just walking out from our school gate..
then one of us said "eh Alyph!"then we all was like,yeahh..rubbish!where got?!
but before i say that..i looked at the person infront..he totally looks like alyph.
then we moved on..untill we are soo near,suddenly everyone was like speechless.
i actually waited for them to say HI first,but suddenly..i think i was spontaneous.
i said,"HI ALYPH!!"then he said,"HI!baru balek dari skola??" yeahh,din u see? we
are wearing school uniform!HAHA! what a question. heh. but STILL,HE IS CUTE!!
OMG!longg time din see him face-to-face.yeah,cant deny that i...miss sleeQ! esp,last year.
if they still remember me!hmmm.

weell,school was great!!ustad yaakob was very funny!!tomorrow the NIE peeps are coming.
and ustaz was like preparing or telling us what to do tomorrow. the funny part was, at first he said that we all at least need to speak in arabic-80% arabic 20% malay. so i asked him "ustaz klau arab kte broken camne?" then ustaz said,"takpelaa..bukannye drg paham pon ape yang anti cakap!" iye tk ye eh ustaz!HAHAHA!fyi,my arab is berteraboh!hahaXD
den wen ust dama's period.as usual arabic sub. we need to read and then translate it to malay.. so there's one part where i translate it wrong..actually the meaning was 'pertunangan' but i said it 'pernikahan' den suddenly ust like push me. haha!funny. hmph..i havent finish my/our english project!arghhh!the date due ends this friday!wth.
just now,all the Bdk2Kompang went for rehearsel.yeahh..it was fun!hopefully it will not turn out bad this saturday..anw,this saturday our school are having Maulid.Do come if u wish to! heh.
koban-wa!xoxo peeps!
fatinZoey outzz.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

hey peeps!that video taken last year. dedication from SLEEQ! lykeOhMyGodFareyx! thanks to my lovelies..you guys are THE BEST!not gonna forget all the surprises-this video(like duhh.), the call, the gifts,birthday cards(2 cards!one from sleeQ&you guys,the HUGE one!)and yeah,THE CAKE! last year's birthdayBash was AWESOME+MAGICAL.haha!XD very sweeeeeettt 16!

time flies sooo fast,and now im sweet 17!but this year's birthday different from last year! like of coz,takkan asek nak dpt surprise like last year.but still,they gave me something that i will not gona forget about it.like last year.Farey had made for me a birthday video!
watch it yaw!awesome video you know!hahaha!anw,not to forget..my kambengs..THANKS for all the gifts!;) sweet!my bro and my sis in-law gave my TrIPOD!yeay! got New handPhone. New hoody!MORE GADGETS pleasseee!esp,Ipod touch and DSLR.hahaXD.
till here,toddless.FatinZoey.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

saaaaap!!been abonding this bloggey for a looooonnngggg timee huh??hahaha!
weell..actually donno wat to post about.
YEAH!!tomorrow is our LAST common test!!and that will beee,MATHS!!
FUUH. pecah otak!hahaha!*wish me luck for my maths and MY RESULT!
im shiveringg..!hhahaha.

anw,saturday. for the first time,i went to aljuneid islamic school.hahah!!
yg paleng rabak,kteorg sume datang je dapat makan. rabak. pastu round2 then we all went out.
hahaha. went to McDonald,chilling. *ceehh aina!!new watch huh??from who ah?hahaha!

currently im using McBook!!i was like jakon!hahaha.
first time wat!hmm..COOL,totally!

pejam celik pejam celik....SEVEN-TEEN years old. here we go again..
hahaha!not that happy being a 17,coz im getting old.
but on the bright side,next year...driving licence!yeay!!hee.
graduate school..SP here i come!insyaallah..hahaha!
till here for now. buhBye.


Friday, February 12, 2010

ok,im done.


Saturday, January 30, 2010

long time i hadn't post anything.
baik shai-prefect!!
been veryy busy lately..
tink need some rest actuallyy..
lots of projects and assignments..
*tink positive-mental challenge.(remember)
will update more later..